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Agarthans Under Egypt - BQH session

I'll start sharing some fascinating excerpts from my personal BQH sessions, because as I have an announcement to make, I'll be making a book out of these sessions! Or two about the time period known as Zep Tepi and the Elohim. Anyone who is interested in Atlantis, the Egyptian and Greek gods, angels and extraterrestrials are going to find this material absolutely fascinating.

If you have ever pondered about where the tunnels underneath the Sphinx go, here is an interesting answer


Throughout this session there were activations for the the souls of the original brotherhood of light from Atlantis and Kaloo people to remember the knowledge of who they were from past lifetimes.


Whats in the sphinx?

Elohim soul:

So there is a tunnel that goes underneath, but also there is various materials, various materials that were kept safe from some time. But some of this has been taken out, actually, and it should be returned to the original place. But I see some of the dark forces in the modern times had taken this out for their own selfish, service to self reasons. They already took this information and material out of there for their own means. But underneath there is a tunnel that leads further into like, I'm seeing these underground tunnels. And it comes to a point where there are beings that live under there, but you have to go very far down for these to see these beings, and they don't want to come up. They're like humans, like what you would call Agathans, or like this situation that is underneath Mount Shasta. There is a similar situation underneath Egypt.


And what do they do? Do they ever come out to the Earth?


A lot of them I see they are like some of them are from the Brotherhood of the Light that were there in the original time. And they went underground when it was becoming too dense, like when Thoth left, he told them, “Look, lots of things are going to happen, okay? And you can choose to keep the knowledge on the surface and to try and find people who will learn the knowledge and so that you can bring this on to others. But because of the vibration is getting lower and lower, you will live a shorter life and it will get more and more difficult for you to spread the teachings.” So he told them, there is another way you can go underneath the Earth. And some of them chose to go underneath, to go underground, and some of them chose to well, how would I say it…tough it out on the surface and continue to spread the teachings on the surface. And this group who continued to spread the teachings on the surface of the Light Brotherhood of Thoth, they were known as the Kaloo people, the wandering race of people who had access to some of the old Atlantis ways and various other things, and Ascension schools and mysteries.

So this was the Kaloo people, as talked about in the Dolores Cannon books, the Jesus book. Where the Essenes, they were taught by the Kaloo people long time ago. So these people were like you would say, they were Thoth’s followers. The Kaloo people, they were from the Brotherhood of Light. They were like the ancestors, they became the ancestors of the Brotherhood of Light. And so they just continued this way on the surface as a traveling group. I'm seeing that they were traveling because they didn't want to stay in one place at the one time, because there was danger to their being. Like being the keepers of this knowledge, there was danger to them. So they traveled here and there. They were very nomadic, but some of them, of course, went underground. They didn't want to be part of this. And the ones that lived underground, they kept the ways more than the ones on the surface. So there was purpose in this. There was purpose for Thoth warning them that they might need to go underground to keep the ways safe, to keep the knowledge safe, they might have to do this.

And so, yes, they made the choice. And that knowledge has been kept with those people that are there. But they have evolved past what you would know. They are like the Agarthan people. They are higher dimensional beings. The ones on the Mount Shasta, if you have heard the stories of this type of thing, this was the Light Brotherhood, the Kaloo that lived underground. They are still there, still there today. They are descendants, and they live longer lives because they didn't intermingle so much with this energy on the surface, this programming.


Is that why Mount Shasta is so powerful?


Yes, because these people, they have lots of crystal technologies there, and their vibration, their beingness where they gather. It's like they raise the whole place up with their beingness. So where very high vibrational beings gather, this place is raised up in the vibrational sense. I feel like the ones in Egypt are a little bit further underground, but the ones in Mount Shasta are more towards the surface. So you can feel this energy of upliftment a lot more in this place just because of how close this group of beings are to the surface, like they're inside the mountain. But the ones in Egypt are further down, I see.


And they've got cities under there, like tunnels that lead to places?


Yes, they have their own living spaces.

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