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Fun Activity to Help Release your Fears from Apollo ☀️


My guide Apollo gave me a channeled message to do this fun activity today, it’s a little bit of creativity and fun and water alchemy

You will need

- Essential oils that you like

- A spray bottle

- Crystal confetti/chips

- A piece of paper

- A candle

1. First you want to write down an issue that you are fearful about, it could be about relationships, success or job.

Really dig into that fear and identify what parts of that are frightening to you, it could look like a belief such as “I won’t do it right”.

2. Now you are going to look at all of your fears you’ve written down and turn them into positive statements like “I’m surrendering to the divine, I’m doing the best I can, I’m allowed to make mistakes, I love myself” and so on and setting the intention to release those fears.

3. Now you are going to light the candle with that intention and while the candle is burning in a safe place you can make up your water mix.

4. With the intentions from number 2, we are going to put the essential oils in the spray bottle that you like, charge the crystal chips with those intentions in your hand and then when your mixture is fragrant enough you can fill it up with water. Now charge the water with pure light and these intentions once again. You can add more positive energy and intentions to the bottle if needed. If you use reiki even you can attune it to that. You can also ask your guides and angels to assist for your highest good to charge the bottle.

5. Everytime you shake and spray the bottle, you are really helping to dissolve that fear pattern. You can mist yourself with this whenever you need some extra support. Blow out your candle and give thanks for everyone who participated in helping.

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