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Horus and the time of Zep Tepi

Hello everyone,

Im going to talk about a VERY interesting experience I have had this month, amongst other things like starting my Metabolic Balance Program with Justine the Naturopath of which I've already lost 2 kgs and we are into day 7. I'll link her website here so you can check out these fantastic programs that actually work (despite my PCOS diagnosis its happening! My metabolism is changing!)

The other week I had an Illuminated Quantum Healing session with IQH practitioner Mirna, Mirna is an avid watcher of my BQH sessions on YouTube that I do in conjunction with Jazmin from Optimum Healn where my past life/higher self an Elohim being called Lumina gets to tell her story through hypnosis. In these sessions we find out about the original stories of the Elohim beings and extraterrestrials in the time that is referred to as Zep Tepi in Egypt. Lumina was also known as Anat/Qetesh in Egypt hence the name of my website!

Mirna wanted to introduce me to IQH, I'd never experienced this modality and I was quite excited to try it out. It's very similar to BQH but in my experience it had a lot of focus on healing my physical body.

A week before the session in a dream a man wearing robes appeared and explained that he was Horus and he was here to help. He did not look like a man with a falcon head like the depictions but he was a beautiful man with wavy white blond hair to his shoulders wearing a gold headband and white robes. I wanted to ask in the IQH session what Horus wanted to help me with and Lumina/Anat describes a moment in time when the Elohim and extraterrestrials are about to go to war again with Set (long time watchers of Lumina's sessions on YouTube will definitely be familiar with this being)

What surprises me is that the myth regarding Set murdering Osiris still stands in these hypnosis sessions except for a few details here and there which will be revealed in the excerpt from this session.


Now we're going to move to that place where there's that connection with Horus. Move to that place where there's that connection with Horus. Now be there. Now tell me what's happening there? Where are you?


He is sorry for the way his mother behaved towards me. He was apologizing on her behalf.


Is that why he came to you? To apologize on her behalf?


No, he wanted to help me in this life as well. He wants to help my lower self as well. Sometimes back then he was disagreeing with my war plans. And when we wanted to defeat Set, we had some disagreements as to how to do it. However, he was very kind. After there was the situation with Isis and the council and she was accusing me of not being a good leader. And the council was upset with this, and she was not behaving very nicely towards me and just disrespecting me. And Apollo was upset and the council was upset. And Horus came up to me afterwards to just apologize as to what was going on and just explain what they have been dealing with. It was been very difficult for them, and unfortunately, she was very hopeful for things to return to the way it was before Set killed Osiris and kicked them out. So he's just explaining their point of view and to just forgive her actions. I do forgive her actions. It must have been very difficult to see your love killed before you like that. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for her at that time to watch as Osiris was killed.

It happened in front of her, and it was very difficult for the Elohim that were in Egypt at this time. And so I'm very glad that he came and he said sorry after this, before this, he and I were clashing a little because we were in disagreement with how to enter the battle and how to do the battle against Set to end his reign of terror, across the Earth at that time. And so he had a particular idea that he wanted to put forward. And I disagreed with this. I was like, no, we are leaving ourselves exposed. And we disagreed on some of these things. And it was very tense. It was very tense. The days before this battle, all of us Elohim decided to arrive, and then we had to quickly make a plan with each other and with Isis and Horus who were in hiding. And Osiris was still in a chamber being regenerated at this time. He was being regenerated so that he could come together again. He was blasted apart with a weapon by Set. And so it was very tense. And we were in negotiation as to what to do.

And sometimes Horus got very upset with the other Elohim’s ideas. He's like, “You guys don't know what we've been through! You guys don't know what it's like!” And he ran off a few times. It was very tense situation. And I came to him, “I'm sorry, Horus, I'm sorry. We are not disrespecting you. It's just we have different… a lot of us have different ideas about how to handle this situation.” He tells me to go away. But after this, after we defeated Set and we were deciding who the new ruler for Egypt was, and Isis was accusing me of being a poor leader because I wanted to install someone, not her, in that position anymore. I was influencing the council to install an extraterrestrial human hybrid being instead, so that the humans could have a democratic representative that also represents them. I just thought it would be good to have a change, but she did not like this. And she got angry and accused me. And then the council had words with her and then she stormed off. And then Horus came to me afterwards and then just apologized for his mother. But he wants to help me.

He wants to help me to bring this, this story back, this original story. He wants to help my lower self with what we have to do to bring the original story back of what happened in Egypt at that time. And he also wants to help with my life path. He is there to assist me. He sees what I have been doing with the YouTubes and all of this, and he jumped in. He wants to assist. He wants to assist me in all of my endeavors.


And how will he connect with him? How will he assist your lower self?


He's just smiling. He just says, connect with me anytime you want to connect with me, you can reach me at any time. You can use your telepathic ability to reach me at any time that you want. He is always here. He has been paying great attention to me recently with what I have been doing. So he is there to assist. He wants to help. He very much wants to help. And so he is giving some light to me, lighting through my crown and through my third eye. He is giving me light.


Receive that light. Feel that light flowing in. Tell me what's happening. What are you feeling as this is flowing in?


Horus has his hands on my head and is giving me this beautiful light. And he looks like he did in my lower self dream. He has very, like, white colored hair or cream colored hair to his shoulders. It's a little bit curly. It's wavy. He's very beautiful.


Very good. And why is it important to bring this information forward? How is this going to assist humanity and the ascension? Can you ask him what is important to bring this information forward.


On all of the different levels. It will remove the veil. The veil is getting very thin at the moment. But humanity has forgotten their past, and in doing so, they have forgotten themselves. And we are all here to assist at this time, to bring this about. So the ancient and powerful knowledge must come forth into the future. It must continue on and be brought forward in a new form. The knowledge that these Elohim and beings left, all of these extraterrestrial beings left in Egypt, they want to bring it forth again, and they want to, I guess, to say, to remix it into new teachings, new ways, so that we can start to have these abilities again that humanity had lost very long ago. We have to bring this forward. Lots of people they say they want to be higher dimensional, they say they want to go to the fifth dimension, but they don't know what this means. This means that the veil does no longer exist for you, that you can see all of these beings once more. You can see all of the things that were previously hidden. And that will be very shocking for people.

That will be shocking for people to do so they are getting the humans acclimatized to this so that they can start the process of remembering, remembering from before how it used to be when the veil was not on. And yeah, at the times that we came to Earth, the veil was not quite there. I'm just seeing that it was very different in the dimensions before Earth fell. So you could see all of these things. An ordinary person could see all types of things. And it was like, it will be in those times. These times will and those times will mirror one another. And we are lifting back up into this space around the time of Egypt, around that time of the ancient gods. We are moving back into this higher dimensional space like it was back then. And they are here. They are ready. They are ready for it to become like this again.

Later on in the session Lumina mentioned that these beings want to bring back the original and sacred knowledge from the times of Zep Tepi (the beginning) and from all the hypnosis sessions I participate in and witness and even in the Dolores Cannon books they very much appear to have been real beings, not just symbols like they might have you believe. Why would such an advanced culture make up a whole cast of characters with a story for "symbolic" reasons? That doesn't make sense. There are many myths and legends around the Middle East and up into Europe too that speak of very similar concepts. A group of gods that remove a different group of gods from power.

As for my experience with IQH, I really got a lot of benefit out of this session and was able to reprogram my body in the latter half (the not so interesting part lol) so that my body will start to change and cooperate with my program. It certainly went a long way to healing the thyroid and helping the programming of the fat cells and I started detoxing almost immediately after the session even before I started with my program.

The program really kicked it off, how do we expect to heal after a session if we don't change our behaviour? I'm eating far more nutritious foods and vegetables and drinking lots of water and my body is responding to this.

Just a reminder, If you want to experience a BQH session anywhere in the world or reading I do offer sessions here

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I'm also coming along very nicely with QHHT studies and will be offering free 25 sessions this year so I'll keep everyone updated when those are available.

Elizabeth Evans

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