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I’m a QHHT intern! How to prepare for your session

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce I've completed my QHHT level 1 course and now am listed as an intern under the name Elizabeth Evans on the QHHT website and I'll be available for people in the Maitland, Hunter Valley and Newcastle area.

What does it mean that I'm an intern?

This means that in order to become a level 1 practitioner I have to do 25 free sessions with 25 different clients.

If I've linked you this page, that means that you are likely going to have a session with me! So here is how to prepare and what to expect.

What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a method of past life and higher self hypnosis regression pioneered by Dolores Cannon. You can visit various past lives and also access the wisdom and healing of your higher self. The reasons people might do this, go beyond just curiosity about their past lives, many people are looking to heal and stop habits and negative patterns in their life, give themselves purpose and meaning, get their bodies to cooperate with them on their healing journey. All healing is self healing, so in these sessions the higher self/subconscious works with you to facilitate this.

I want to find more out about this type of stuff I find it very interesting!

Type in Dolores Cannon into YouTube, Tiktok, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook and there are TONS of videos out there on the fascinating topics Dolores explored through her hypnosis work. Also check out Dolores books if you like to read, some of my favourites are the Jesus and the Essenes book, and of course all of her ET books. I also liked A Hypnotists Journey to Atlantis which is a book by a QHHT practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme. All of these books have such fascinating topics and if you are considering a QHHT session I recommend you pick one up!

What to expect?

Before the session we will have a long conversation about your life and your motivation for wanting to have a session. Don't feel like you need to wrap it up quickly or rush this part of the process, it takes time and I want you to feel comfortable and hear all about you.

After that we have our toilet break, and at this point I suggest eating some food and drinking water before we go into the session.

After that, I'll get you to lie down comfortably (blankets provided), and the session will begin. I will need to record your session to give to you but also for my session notes as shared with the QHHT staff, so please come to the session with this in mind that it's okay for me to share some information from your session with the QHHT staff. I will need your permission beforehand to do so and you'll receive a recording of the session afterwards.

After the session we will debrief and talk about the session and how it went, you will need to get some more food after this to ground yourself into the body.

How long does this process take?

In my experience this can go for 3-5 hours so please arrive early and book with an entire day in mind.

Please keep in mind that after the session you are encouraged to go about your day, and then go to sleep at your normal hour. The healing will continue at night while you sleep so make sure you get sleep, and your intense connection to the healing parts of yourself will continue for 3 days afterwards.

What to bring?

PLEASE BRING: a water bottle, some food, a list of questions for your higher self to answer (10-20 questions) and your phone and anything else you need. If you have medical equipment or medication you need to take if you have a disability or condition and feel you may need to have it, please bring it with you.

What NOT to bring?

The sessions are private so no family members, pets, friends, partners or children are allowed in the room. Do not bring any alcohol or illicit substances.

Who cannot have a session?

Anyone with history of schizophrenia or psychosis cannot have a session. This is for their own safety and no QHHT practitioner can provide a service for people with these contraindications. Children cannot have sessions, if you want a session for someone under the age of 18 please ask me about a surrogate session where you step in, in their place. If you are too sick or too disabled it also may be very difficult to have a session, of course severely hearing impaired people will not be able to have a session.

What to write as my questions?

Please have a think about this for awhile before writing your 20 questions. You might have questions about your life, circumstances that you don't understand in your life, health issues, blocks and programming, victim mentalities, addictive behaviours, family connections and conflicts, big decisions (starting a family or buying a house, moving to a new place or starting a job). And then, there's also the metaphysical questions about your personal spiritual practice, if you ever wondered you are a soul not from this Earth, if you had any instances of missing time, UFOs or strange mysteries in your life, have a connection to ancient cultures and times in history these are also really good questions to ask. Remember you will be asking your higher self this so write down things that you would like to ask this all knowing aspect of yourself that is connected to the all that is.

How to prepare beforehand?

In the days before the session, it's important to have introspective moments, take walks in nature or have a salt bath, do a meditation or just connect in daily asking yourself "what do I need for today?" and feeling into the body. You can choose to eat whole foods that are gentle on your body, and limit alcohol consumption and illicit substances and this would be very helpful for this higher aspect of yourself to come into the body.

There are various visualisation meditations on YouTube you can use in the days beforehand to get you used to the process. And as you do these, you may have even more questions for your higher self as information is revealed to you beforehand.

Can I do the session online?

No. QHHT sessions are done in person only held at Organic Feast Inner Health Centre East Maitland. It is best if you live in the Hunter Valley area of Australia, my local reigon to receive a session or can travel to Maitland. I cannot travel to you so you'll need to be responsible for coming to see me for your QHHT session.

How to contact?

Please contact and send your questions through as listed on my QHHT intern page or through the contact drop box on this website.

Thanks for reading

Elizabeth Evans

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