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Kundalini energies & ancient fertility deities

Could fertility idols be linked to kundalini?👇🧙‍♂️ & understanding kundalini energies:

Very recently a statue from Karahantepe was excavated in Turkey, this site is around 12,000 years old and is situated close to Göbekli Tepe which is around the same age. In many of these very ancient civilisations you can notice there are lots of references to fertility idols, it almost seems like a running joke when they just label all of these under the umbrella of “Fertility”, but what isn’t being explored is the energetic understanding behind these images of fertility. Academics from the modern age that just view things in terms of meat and bones, would typically just view this as purely reproductive and sexual in the most physical sense.

Many of the deities associated with fertility, as I’ve come to recognise have an entirely different awareness to what we perceive. Why is fertility spiritually important? The answer is not to do with a meat and bones understanding of sexuality but that to do with creation itself, the principle of creation that is given to every sentient being to be a creator in itself, something that comes into awareness and understanding when accessing the kundalini energies.

Did the ancient peoples know something do do with kundalini, sexuality and spirituality that we have forgotten today?

Let’s think back to images of snakes (Minoan snake goddess), (Deities holding the snake such as Qetesh whom my website is named after)

Phallic imagery (Images of Min, Hermes and Geb, various ancient phallic idols found such as this one here from Karahantepe)

Images of the caduceus wand (Again this symbol is a very ancient one and they considered it important enough to bring it into the present day)

As far as the timeline goes, the younger dryas event occurred around 12,900 to 11,600 years ago, around the time period of Gobekli Tepe and Karahantepe. According to the Elohim in quantum Hypnosis sessions, the younger dryas event was a solar flash that they called the “Harvest” event. What was meant by this was that, ascension of a portion of humanity took place and left behind the rest. The thousands of years that proceeded this involved the fall of Atlantis, various ETs coming in, the Elohim coming, and worldwide conflicts with dark forces. It was a period of great change before the harvest event and then the fall of humanity deeper into darkness and ignorance for the grand cycle of darkness to play out. At this time, at the turn of the cycles I’ve had clients describe in an ancient demigod life as they boarded the ships and took off, leaving earth to play out this cycle in its own time.

Was the passing on of the knowledge of the sacred sexuality/sacred creation energies meant to prepare humanity for ascension events? The knowledge of kundalini has returned in todays times, but I feel like we are just at the beginning of understanding it fully. Recently I decided to get into Kundalini reiki so I started an online course, to my surprise I believe did not receive the regular attunement, I saw an image of the Egyptian god Geb whom I never saw before and then suddenly this being stepped in to give the attunement instead, after a profound explanation of the kundalini energies being a creative energy that comes from within your own god source, that comes up to meet with the celestial source energy from above, forming a pillar of light.

It was not a relaxing attunement like it said it would be in the manual, this attunement gave me fiery sensations throughout the body, headaches and kept me wriggling around all night. I asked via a cleansed pendulum, and yes it turned out my feelings were right. I did not receive a regular kundalini Reiki attunement, I received it from Geb, which was a far more potent dose of kundalini energies. I’ve never seen Geb before in what I do, but it was explained to me by my guides that he was the best possible teacher to do with kundalini energies because he is like the father of these types of energies, so they set it up so that he would step forward for this.

When I did some research on Geb, I found out he too was associated with phallic, fertility and snake imagery, just like all of these ancient idols and depictions. Fertility is not simply about the physical act, it has such a broader scope and could be better understood as creation energies. That is what I truly understand after attunement 1 & 2, understanding and remembering this more fully. As for the second, I’m still in the process of doing this every day and Geb once again stepped in. This is simply another part, Thoth said of the initiation process, why I was drawn to doing this at the time.

I can say with confidence as well, that the kundalini reiki resonates far more than any others I have done. It is an awakening of ancient wisdom and understanding of potent creative energies, into my conscious human awareness that I know my past self and higher self made use of. I recommend looking into for yourself, teachings to do with the kundalini energy and be open to receiving this for yourself when you are ready. I’ll pop some resources in the comments below. Always resonate with the right teacher for you, your teacher may not be a course instructor but a being on your soul team or guides that can step forward to bring a much purer understanding of the energies through. The ancient beings are willing to teach what knowledge was lost long ago.

Resources around kundalini energies:

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