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Schumann Resonance Event - Tarot Deep Dive

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

On Fathers Day 2023, an event on the Schumann resonance caused a big stir on all the social media pages and spiritual communities, the Russian Schumann resonance threw up a very interesting energy pattern. Many have said it was just a glitch as the other resonance reporting stations didn't mirror this and others have compared the pattern to a DNA strand and said many energy activations are coming forth.

Personally I have felt very tired and under the weather by big energetic changes at the moment. But we will ask questions using the tarot to channel information about this event, whenever I see something happening I never trust social media to give me the answers I'm always coming back to my trusty deck of tarot cards. And this has proven remarkably reliable time after time for the most confusing of life's questions.

Let's start with the basics.

Was it a real event or a glitch?

We open up the spread in the past with 5 of swords, there was some sabotaging going on with the systems and 5 of cups in the Center, indicating that people will be disappointed by what is really happening with the Schumann resonance systems. With the Justice card in the spread I feel that people will start to investigate how these systems are actually run and if they are actually accurate to what is happening with the earths energies, or if they are quickly altered and switched off when something significant occurs. There was however a huge cumulation of energies there that DID spike, but as indicated by the Judgement card it's a still a huge wake up call, and a missed opportunity for some because they were too focused on the negatives of this event. The bottom line is as indicated from the page of cups in future, our internal compass for psychic messages will become more important than controlled systems such as the Schumann resonance.

Is there a heap of powerful energies that are occurring right now that will bring great change?

Yes! YES! and YES!!!

We have 6 of wands in past indicating that what we did catch a glimpse of from the Schumann Resonance before it was intercepted and cut off DID give recognition to the massive energy changes that are occurring right now. In the centre of the spread there is a big ace of wands indicating YES!!! New beginnings and action for the changes that are sweeping the earth. We also have king of wands and 2 of cups in the spread which tells me there's a lot of divine masculine ACTION coming online, the divine masculine is waking up to meet with the divine feminine who has already been awoken. There is a balancing. There will be more news about these energy changes as we go forward. And with the king of swords in future again this indicates that yes it's true these energies are strong and will keep coming, the divine masculine is coming online and more truths will be exposed.

Are there attempts to sabotage the Schumann resonance systems so that we are kept in the dark about what is going on?

In the past we have the 3 of pentacles so there is the possibility that there are people that work in the background on these systems that may be responsible for the systems doing strange things or cutting off. In the middle we have 9 of cups, so there is a lot of optimism and positivity around the Schumann Resonance, but as indicated by the hierophant in the future we will learn these systems have been controlled to conform, knowledge about the true state of the earth has been occulted. While it may be fun to celebrate big shifts in energy you always have the choice as to how you view big earth changes and remain detached to the outcome is the advice. A lot of the energy changes have A LOT to do with our human consciousness and belief systems. The collective consciousness creates the reality and this can change things rapidly to affect the energies of the earth to switch around very rapidly as indicated by the wheel of fortune.

What changes will we start to see?

In the past and recently we have been waiting patiently and stuck in a stubborn defensive position as indicated by the knight of pentacles. We haven't been seeing too many rapid changes on the surface it's come to a standstill. However in the present moment as indicated by the temperance card there is a divine timing and divine plan in motion as to when the great balancing will take place. In the future we have the 8 of cups so we will move on from this, this feels like another calm before the storm. Before we reach our limit and decide when enough is enough. There will be patience needed, and you'll be stuck in this financial hardship for longer than you might like as indicated by 5 of pentacles. They are kicking the can down along the road when it comes to the great financial crash. When things finally do happen they will happen quickly and all at once as indicated by 8 of wands and you'll need strong stability and boundaries when that happens.

What about DNA changes?

Yes! A lot of them! In the past as indicated by the judgement card this was a huge wake up call for our DNA to begin changing. In the present there is the Hanged man card which is all about enlightenment through suffering, it can also mean it's not overnight and it may not always be pleasant on the body. The advice is with this to let go and surrender to the inevitable and take time to rest and recover. We have the chariot in the spread which means these changes are actually very fast evolutionary-wise, and the manifestation of this is coming along nicely. We also have the 8 of cups which could mean we are stepping away from things that don't serve us anymore. In the future we have the 10 of pentacles, all of these changes coming to fruition within the bodies, and yes there are many of them. Remember to eat good foods, take rest and drink water.

Hope you enjoyed my deep dive by tarot! Let me know if there are any more questions you'd like to ask about this event

Elizabeth Evans

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This is fantastic….I love it. Thank you 🙏❤️

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