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Thoth: Atlantis abilities returning, Who is Ra and Horus ☀️


Take what resonates with you and leave the rest ❤️


I know why you are here, it’s okay… take a deep breath in and out, and release any tension and fear holding you back from the new territory you are embarking on.

Aye it’s true, you are receiving the long lost abilities of Atlantis, the humans of Atlantis. But the thing is, they were always there waiting dormant within the DNA of humanity for a time when they were destined to be activated.

Light spirals through the DNA now, clearing old blocks, old ways of doing and being and linking up with the chakra centres that humanity used to have access to. 12 instead of 7.

My name is Techu, you remembered it well, that was the sound vibratory complex of my name. That was how it was pronounced in those times. I lived in the high vibrational city of Atlantis and worked in the crystal pyramid before the times of the downfall, as I have said before I was born in times of great change as a wisdom keeper to forward it on, to keep it going and to help activate once more what has been held dormant.

Some humans may die, their biology is not equipped to handle the next wave of activations. This will appear as natural, they simply have chosen to not continue on, there are a percentage of beings that do not wish to have this experience. And that’s okay. They’ll continue on their own path in their own time, neither path is better than the other for they all lead to the same place in the end.

Follow your heart during these times, and take it slow, everything is moving so fast now so take time to rest. You are descending up a spiral staircase at breakneck speed to catch up with the cycles, catch up back to the potentials of the Atlantean human before the fall.

As part of your initiation you are a front runner in such, so have patience and faith in your abilities.

Q: Are some of these abilities from Atlantis?

Yes the body and DNA is remembering what used to be there, it’s happening. You’ll see it more and more as time goes on. Be patient and rest. If you are at the forefront it can be hard for the conscious mind to grasp what is occurring, the conscious mind looks for approval of the group. If it does not find approval it will try to doubt because it does not understand. In the days of the golden age of Atlantis the ego was tamed because it understood the greater purpose, this is why education is very important and valuable, it is mainly for educating the human ego in the ways so that it can slowly become irrelevant. When there is no need for protection then the protective part of the consciousness becomes obsolete, and when that happens it merely just takes a back seat. Nobody can fully dissolve their ego, so don’t let anyone try to tell you that. That’s a lie, what is part of the consciousness always exists within the consciousness, it’s just that it takes a backseat is all. There is a map of the consciousness that is extraordinarily large, it’s just a general idea and I used to show this to my students.

Ah yes in the latter half of Atlantis, psychic abilities were normalised so the ego didn’t have a problem with it. The DNA was activated and the consciousness was activated and there were no blocks, despite them using this ability for service to self reasons which I admit I did do this too a few times. This behaviour was very much normalised, so these stories of the Atlantean’s in the Dolores Cannon books doing… well… shocking things with their psychic abilities these were examples of things that did occur. However there are more things that I’ll go into detail later about.

It became very destructive, there was an incredible amount of destructive potential. So that is why Atlantis and the human psychic genes were stopped and turned down before greater atrocities could occur. These atrocities would have shifted the universe to such a degree that the greater cycles would have been thrown off alignment among other things. The human is very powerful, yet does not know its potential. From the beginning to the end, we have seen it all. The original humanoids were angelic in conception, this was the time of Lyra, what was used in the concoction of the first humanoids of this universe was a blending of higher and lower realms. An alchemical product. The higher DNA of the heavens with the lower DNA of the earth like planets. The end result that was wished for was the sacred heart, the powerful emotional psychic potential.

Sirians, pleiadians, various races from andromeda and others unknown to you yet were offshoots of the original lyran races. I spent many and many a lifetime in incarnations as humanoids. And yes it’s true, your intuitive understanding of my avian connections too. Those were from the beginnings. I have been amongst many bird races, bird “watchers”. Which is why I appear as the ibis bird, to the Egyptians who called on me, despite your memory of my humanoid existence, my consciousness is still aligned to the avian helpers and watchers.

Q: Was Ra part of these?

He took incarnations as these. But for all intents and purposes, he is the current soul of the central sun. As you have seen and experienced. He keeps the light grids of the universe operating with efficiency. He is the central point and he contains the portal to the physical representation of source in his beingness with his counterpart… I’m not sure if you are aware of his counterpart at this time, but she will become known. Atum is simply the reverberation sound of the ringing tone, the consciousness of this. She (the counterpart) has relation to this too.

Q: What about Horus?

He is bene Elohim, son of Elohim. He takes a huge part in the overseeing of the shift currently, you can see him as a bright being with 6 wings. (He shows me an image of Horus carrying a book with points of light coming from him, he has white hair and is very bright) The wings are part of his field, 3 spinning merkabas.

Q: So he is angelic?

You know it.

Q: Why does he carry the book?

A representation of divine knowledge, he shows you the divine plan he has access to. He keeps it close to his chest, the divine plan for the rebirth of humanity is a precious and treasured thing. As of recently he carries the divine plan with him everywhere he goes. You saw it in the dream, if you go back to that moment did you not notice when Horus appeared in your dream he was carrying a book?

Q: Yes he was carrying something but I didn’t remember it

He carries with him the sacred knowledge and wisdom, the divine plan, the knowing. The book is just a representation of what he carries with him at all times.

It contains every possible scenario of what could occur and every possible awakening for humanity. It contains the past, the present and future. And the divine plans that shifts with the will of the all.

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