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Thoth’s Initiations part 1

Thoth’s initiations (they are currently ongoing) read below if you are interested in what has occurred so far.

So my last BQH session and QHHT session I was given a lot of information into Thoth’s mystery school process, as I discovered I was a part of this program originally. I was a female Elohim being goddess teacher that came in on a few days that Thoth required my skills. He would just call for me and I’d come on those days and help out in his schools. I helped to develop parts of the curriculum with him, especially around the heart centred teachings I was very good at those.

In my last BQH (I’m going to upload this one to YouTube I’ve just been busy moving house) I was given information by Thoth and my higher self the Elohim being, that I would be going through the initiation so that it may become available to others in the modern age. They explained this process completely removes your programming and changes you on a profound level, and you need to do this before learning any of the sacred knowledge otherwise you won’t understand it or won’t be able to apply it.

They gave me the clue of the crystal bed in the first QHHT session, so I booked myself a session out of curiosity and I didn’t know quite what to expect but they said in the latter session it was part of the initiation (I just wasn’t consciously aware that the crystal bed session was part of it when I booked it).

The first part came suddenly before the crystal bed session. It was a dream which was unexpected (I rarely remember my dreams but I certainly remembered this one) I experienced being killed prematurely in the dream and went through the complete death process where I came out of the body and started to think about my soul contract, and I found out that I had not yet fulfilled it so I was filled with sadness. It felt so real that I woke up very upset and grateful for being alive because now I could fulfil my soul contract! I’d been totally tricked for a moment there, but was given a small understanding of my soul contract and was forever changed by this experience since there was many times where I didn’t want to be on this earth.

The next event that occurred was before the crystal bed session, a big Ibis just flew into the yard of the place where I was having the session at, before it started and he looked me right in the eye. (Picture included!) I knew this was a VERY OBVIOUS sign from him that he was present and watching for this next part. This is the part that is so sacred and ritualised that I cannot go into detail of what occurred on the crystal bed, my consciousness was taken to another place where a lot of these ancient myths occur and I’ll leave it at that. Thoth told me this is very personal for each person, so it’s best not to spoil it for them, he doesn’t want them to have any assumptions about this part so that is why I was stopped from sharing it publicly. There are tests that will test you, and if you knew the answers they wouldn’t be as effective.

From this part, also more details about my soul contract was revealed to me. I came to experience love and to bring love during these times from the heavens to the earth. I saw I had a direct line to these higher realms and my challenge was to bring this down, before the session closed I was told of my next steps which were to start the course they had been talking about and that the next big portions would occur when I was fully settled in my new house.

So I started the intuitive rebirth course and had an activation right at the start, where once again my consciousness was taken to another place. This time it was the earth in primordial times, I was transported to an Antarctica that was covered in rainforest and as I looked around there were fairies everywhere. The earth felt very different and beautiful and it was upsetting, the contrast from today. I actually felt emotional, I had always known deep down that this earth was originally meant to be a paradise, not a place for hardship, a lie that is so frequently believed. I saw that I had come here before as the Elohim goddess being when Antarctica was still green, and the Elohim we left our hand prints in the underground caverns as a way to leave an imprint of our energy behind. It was also a way to return back here at any time in the now moment. The ancient people knew this and this is why they put their hand prints on the walls. Time worked strangely here.

I came to a clearing in the rainforest of Antarctica and saw a very futuristic looking black pyramid, a group of bald beings with elongated heads were there to greet me. These were Sirian beings that were involved heavily with the earth in ancient times. This is where the elongated skulls really come from.

The Sirians led me inside to the middle and I saw there were these lines of blue light running everywhere on the inside, they took a small pyramid and placed it on my head and then they poured this blue light in through the top of the head. Thoth appeared out of nowhere during this, to let me know these were his people, when he had his life on earth as Thoth/Hermes he was a sirian hybrid with a partially elongated head covered in long hair, usually Sirians are bald but the hybrids had hair to better blend in with the earth populations.

Thoth then told me before he was Thoth he had lifetimes as a Sirian many years before in the Antarctica colony and then many many lifetimes in the Sirius star system. He had an extensive history with these beings. They were responsible for seeding the pyramid formations, this comes from their culture.

They explained that even though Antarctica was green millions of years ago, we were still able to go there for this ceremony in the now moment because time is not as they say it is, everything is occurring simultaneously and the earth was very much higher in vibration back then so you can access these places by transporting your consciousness.

I will provide updates as more occurs, I’m looking forward to what happens next. I'll keep you posted.

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