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Thoth speaks about the brain

Thoth/Hermes channeled message on consciousness and the brain 🧠

As part of my activation and training in my course, I will be doing automatic writing channeled messages from my guides and teachers. This one in particular carries an interesting perspective I’ve never heard of before on the function of the amygdala.

T: The body has a consciousness of its own and it is located in the amygdala.

Question: Can you tell me more about the consciousness of the body?

T: sure, the amygdala carry’s its own wavelength to assist the body to survive and function appropriately. You are told it is the centre for emotions, however there is more than just that, that goes into the functioning of the physical form in contact with the consciousness of the soul. It is the soul that pilots the vehicle and it has emotions of its own, however the emotions stored in the body in this organ protect the body from perceived threats. That is why when we focus on clearing fear from the bodies we must focus on these parts of the brain and draw our attention to this with our consciousness, and allow this to clear. If you are not aware of your own anatomy and the higher purposeness of it from an energetic perspective then you are purposefully left ignorant.

Q: what about the lizard brain or the limbic cortex?

T: This is where the lower bases for very basic functions and survival from a consciousness perspective is stored, you see the different parts of the brain do correspond to the chakra centres and this part would be considered as your root chakra grounding you to the earth. There is much that is left out and needs to be spoken of in regards to what consciousness functions the brain contains. We have all heard about the importance of the pineal gland in its relation to the 3rd eye, however that is just the beginning of the teachings on the brain.

Q: How does the pineal gland become crystallised can you tell me about that?

T: It all goes back to the chemicals in the environment that your cabal decides to put into the water supplies and in various ways. There are also chemicals in the toothpastes and self care items, like shampoos and soaps that go undetected that contribute to this. Of course you are all aware about the effect of fluoride, and it’s great that humanity is waking up to this now. However the chemicals are many that contribute to blocking out the higher consciousness centres of the brain, and in order for this process to be effective you must cut these out. You can substitute for natural products, search for your natural and homemade items. Individuals with their own small businesses do not have the mandates imposed upon them by the cabal to add poisonous substances to your self care items. That is why they were trying to wipe these out. So please support your local and small businesses, they do not have as many tainted goods as the large factory brands. The cabal is actively trying to make you sick and destroy your connection to source, this makes you very good food if you are trapped without higher knowledge and awareness of how to defend yourselves. The very negative, or one could say demonic influences (that control the cabal) do regard humanity as a feeding ground and this is what has been taking place in regards to why there are so many traps put in place such as your harmful chemicals in everything.

In saying that, you do not need to fall prey to these influences. Once we talk about it, we can actively choose not to participate in that system. You for example choose filtered water and fluoride free toothpaste, it is as simple as that. Keep a monitor on your personal care products and scope these out with your energy before purchasing. A healthy brain keeps the consciousness centres within the body and the chakras working effectively, as they should. Do not purchase products from big brands, these directly contribute to lowering the consciousness.

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