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Distance Reiki + Mini Report

  • 30 min
  • 55 Australian dollars
  • AU

Service Description

I am a reiki master of accredited Usui reiki, Ethereal Crystals, Kundalini and Gold reiki. This is a great opportunity to experience healing from the comfort of your home. Simply pick a time and date and it is best to meditate during the session time to get the most out of your experience. You do not need to have zoom, simply meditate at the time of the session. I will send through a report afterwards. I also do energy clearings, aura and chakra clearing and rebuilding and quick spirit releasement therapy as a part of this if necessary. I do not work with weak streams of reiki energy, but only the latest most effective streams of energy healing as instructed by my guides. Many do complain that they “cannot feel” reiki, that it is too weak for them to be felt. This is because those streams of energy have not been updated for ascension energies. My guides have instructed me to use the latest healing energies, and attune me to such as soon as I outgrow the old energy streams. This keeps the energies strong, vibrant, and updated for use in the 2020s era. A lot of these energies are upgrading our DNA now, and clearing blocks within the cells, DNA, light bodies and emotional and physical bodies. I have a very detailed understanding of the energy body. Please note you do not need to fill out the automatic form that gets sent via email, and you do not need zoom to receive distance reiki. THIS IS DISTANCE REIKI ONLY, not in person. You can be anywhere in the world to receive this, and just meditate with the intention of fully receiving the energy and healing you need or any other intention that resonates with you.

What To Know Before Booking

Cancellation policy  Please keep in mind most of my availability is online and in person sessions will require a room booking at Organic Feast 10-12 William St East Maitland NSW Australia.  Please keep in mind will have to cancel the session before it begins and refund you if you are under 18, have contraindications of schizophrenia or psychosis, do not have a laptop or reliable internet for an online session, bring your children or pets to the session (if online please make sure someone is minding children in a seperate room to you and they do not interrupt, arrive visibly intoxicated to the session, or behave inappropriately prior to the session or during. This is non negotiable and for the safety of myself and yourself.   If you need a session for someone under the age of 18 please contact me about surrogate sessions via the contact form or at, you or someone else connected to the person, who is over 18 will be acting as a surrogate in their place. 

Contact Details

  • Australia

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