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SCHH Entity Release Session Online

  • 4 hr
  • 333 Australian dollars
  • AU

Service Description

Have you ever had troubles with your spiritual path? Or conditions and problems that don’t seem to go away? Ever feel like something in your life is just not quite right? SCHH is the healing session for you if you answered yes to any of these questions. Soul Center Healing Hypnosis is an advanced form of quantum hypnosis created by Laura Whitworth. I have trained under Laura Whitworth and am certified in Soul Center Healing Hypnosis. These sessions will involve 3 steps to healing empowerment: 1. Entity release: done in a hypnotic state, where entities that are stopping you from moving forward in your life are located and released with the help of the team of light 2. Past Life regression: this is where we locate a past life or aspect of yourself that you need to learn from and heal from at this present time 3. Higher self connection: Your higher self answers the questions you have about your life, and provides healing and insight for your life challenges. + we will have a very healing discussion beforehand where I get to know you before the session even commences, so I can create a personalised and tailored session just for you PLEASE NOTE: - These sessions can take up to 5 hours so please keep this in mind while booking, this is an all day adventure where I’ll spend most of my day assisting you - Before the date of our session you will need to think of 10 questions that you wish to ask your higher self, if you had a magic 8 ball and could know anything what would you ask? - To ensure that our online session is absolutely amazing, you will need a laptop with a corded headphone headset with a microphone in front of the mouth or a device that will enable us to be able to hear each other perfectly even with noises in the background. - To ensure that our session goes smoothly please become familiar with zoom and your headset/technology before our session and please ensure that your internet is stable. If you wish to watch past SCHH sessions I have conducted and taken part in please check out my YouTube channel @luminaelohim Amazing things clients have reported after their sessions that you can watch on YouTube: - An entity in the root chakra was released and many followers came almost overnight for Marie, she released a lot of her money issues in that session and now her business is building and doing well - Harrison released entities from his body and now he feels so much lighter and can connect in with his soul family

What To Know Before Booking

Cancellation policy  Please keep in mind most of my availability is online and in person sessions will require a room booking at Organic Feast 10-12 William St East Maitland NSW Australia.  Please keep in mind will have to cancel the session before it begins and refund you if you are under 18, have contraindications of schizophrenia or psychosis, do not have a laptop or reliable internet for an online session, bring your children or pets to the session (if online please make sure someone is minding children in a seperate room to you and they do not interrupt, arrive visibly intoxicated to the session, or behave inappropriately prior to the session or during. This is non negotiable and for the safety of myself and yourself.   If you need a session for someone under the age of 18 please contact me about surrogate sessions via the contact form or at, you or someone else connected to the person, who is over 18 will be acting as a surrogate in their place. 

Contact Details

  • Australia

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