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Elizabeth Evans, Psychic and Healer


Elizabeth Evans

Hi I am Elizabeth and I was initially drawn to becoming a quantum healer through my own profound life experiences, I am a QHHT Level 2 Practitioner, BQH Practitoner and Quantum Connect Practitioner certified by Candace Craw Goldman and I am also a reiki master in usui reiki, kundalini reiki, gold reiki and ethereal crystals reiki. I have also completed an Advanced Quantum healing course and am a certified meditation teacher and guide. I make the practice my own through my inventiveness and creativity and I am a specialist in higher self work and connecting to the highest aspect of the subconscious knowing. I do not shy away from difficult topics, true healing involves bringing together our shadow and light aspects, rather than running away from it, so I incorporate this into all my practices.

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My Certifications Include

QHHT Level 2 Practitioner, Beyond Quantum Healing official certification, Quantum Connect certification, Advanced Quantum healing certificate accredited by the Complementary Therapy Accreditation Association, Meditation Teacher certification, Usui Reiki master level, Kundalini Reiki Master level, Gold Reiki master level, Ethereal crystals Reiki 1-12, Tanran Reiki certificate one, Bachelor of Arts from Newcastle University, Diploma of Fashion Design from TAFE

Persephone's Transformation: Journeying into Quantum Healing's Depths
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I will work with you to discover your inner self and take charge of your own life, through doing the inner work we have the amazing potential to completely transform our lives.

Through my own personal journey and healing process I had an incredible transformation from being too depressed to get out of bed and chronically unwell with PCOS symptoms, to healing myself completely with the love from my soul family and then being a part of my community to help heal others too.


In 2016 while I was living in Japan I had a number of dramatic life challenges, and thus began a series of events over a few years that triggered my turnaround and transformation, leading to eventually, my past life memories and gifts returning to me over the course of a whole year.

When I thought about how much my integration of my previous lives and higher self had changed my life, I wanted others to experience that transformation too, so I studied Beyond Quantum Healing and other past life regression practices. 

I started practicing and noticed the incredible impact that Quantum Healing had on the people around me.


Over the course of a few weeks, the people I practiced on began to unfurl and shed all their layers like an onion and start to live up to their highest potentials. I knew at that point, that my life would never be the same again, nor their lives!

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"I had Qetesh Quantum Healing done BQH for myself twice. Elizabeth listens to the client well and she takes in count every detail. I felt safe and well-guided during my sessions. I can recommend her practice with 5 stars."


How it Works

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Follow my Facebook Page at @Qetesh Quantum Healing & my Youtube Luminaelohim for fascinating galactic history, metaphysical information, channeled messages and more.

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