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Cancellation Policy

Please keep in mind most of my availability is online and in person sessions will require a room booking at Organic Feast 10-12 William St East Maitland NSW Australia. 


To cancel fully will be a partial refund. However if something has come up for you, you can reschedule for a different day or change your session from an in person to an online. Please do not cancel more than once. If you do not think you can make an appointment, or fit too many things in at once please be honest with yourself and do not book at that time. My time is valuable. I can always rearrange with you for another time but I will need you to be consistent with the next time you book in. 


Please keep in mind will have to cancel the session before it begins and refund you if you are under 18, have contraindications of schizophrenia or psychosis, bring your children or pets to the session (if online please make sure someone is minding children in a seperate room to you and they do not interrupt, pets are okay in the room for online sessions as long as they are silent in the room), arrive visibly intoxicated to the session, or behave inappropriately prior to the session or during. This is non negotiable and for the safety of myself and yourself.  


If you need a session for someone under the age of 18 please contact me about surrogate sessions via the contact form or at, you or someone else connected to the person, who is over 18 will be acting as a surrogate in their place. 

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