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Announcing BQH in Maitland & QHHT coming soon

I'm glad to announce I've started my training to become a QHHT practitioner! Until then I'll keep everyone posted on when I am listed as an intern and my 25 free sessions are available to the public. Until then, I'm fully certified in BQH which is very similar to QHHT and those sessions are available for booking either in person or online. Please make use of my introductory coupon code SACRED30 for all services.

What is the difference between QHHT and BQH?

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and was created by Dolores Cannon. The technique uses the deepest state of trance to view past lives, heal and access the clients higher self. The technique is NOT to be done online, only in person. The QHHT session is a very deep and profound experience, I literally felt my own toroidal field when I had mine. It's a life changing experience that removed a lot of trauma, blocks and programming from myself. My ovarian cysts even started popping themselves and eliminating after my first QHHT session.

BQH stands for Beyond Quantum Healing and is a method created by Candace Craw Goldman who studied under Dolores. It's actually incredibly similar and in my experience the results are exactly the same of course, dependant on the practitioners passion and skill level as with QHHT. The only difference is BQH can be done online via zoom! I have had plenty of zoom BQH sessions and have had no issue with them. The online sessions are especially convenient for busy people and folks with disabilities and people in remote areas or on the other side of the world who cannot travel for whatever reason. I can give you a session from the comfort of your own bed or in person! It's all up to you!

A good practitioner of either will:

  • do your best to make you feel comfortable and safe

  • Will use a gentle and slow voice to get you into a deep theta state

  • Listen to your concerns, we don't rush the talk beforehand where you tell us all about your life

  • Won't force you to to anything you don't want to do or implant thoughts in your mind or anything silly like that

  • QHHT practitioners should honor the 25 free practice sessions to the public

  • QHHT practitioners should never offer online QHHT sessions

  • Respect and honor all parts of your beingness

  • Do everything with love

With much love

Elizabeth Evans

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