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Channeled messages from the Elohim: Choices and Angel starseeds

I'm glad to say that I've been part of a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) project for the last couple of months where an Elohim known as Lumina comes out through hypnosis to give messages. This being refers to itself as the higher self or oversoul of my lower self. At the moment you can watch the Elohim channeled messages for YouTube here.

What I have learnt though this process, is through the consciousness of Lumina making herself seen and heard much more often in my daily life due to that connection being made through these sessions I've had access to an amazing guidance system, had multidimensional experiences in dreams, and been able to affect changes on my reality a lot more easily than before. These are all some of the wonderful benefits that come with connecting with those higher aspects of yourself. It's particularly part of my calling to help others to access this as well and know that it's always within you all the time, these other aspects of self containing wisdom and knowledge never go away. It's always there just waiting for you.

One thing that the Elohim collective particularly impress on me, is the need for humanity to give a lot more thought to their choices, and to know that their choices do create the reality in which they live. There's many channeled collectives that talk about love and light, and while those things are wonderful, the message from the Elohim is that an important aspect is being forgotten quite a few times, there first was THE CHOICE, the WILL of source/God to begin to experience itself again. And the choices we make, really do create our universe. The universe is just a big conglomerate made up of other beings choices.

So before all the choices, there was was a first choice made, and from that choice the new universe was constructed through the will of God. And in the sessions under hypnosis a picture is painted where the grand angelic collective and Elohim got to work in creating, fulfilling this will as agents of God, also fulfilling the will of all the souls of the last universe which are clustered together in oneness and completely one with God at this point. Everyone makes a choice to participate in this process and start the universe all over again.

It is through all of us, that the will of God starts to come into being. The Elohim call source "The flame within the all", which acknowledges that this is a piece of consciousness that is inside everything. The journey of the soul begins in this way too, a small spark is shot out of God at one point, after the desire of that spark, the will of that spark is for it to experience itself. Nothing else comes first, but the will, the choice of God.

After this choice is made, the second thing that comes is ENLIGHTENMENT, an awareness of consciousness through light, it becomes aware of itself. The second step is manifested because of the light of God, which is the mind of God. In the hermetic tradition, the first principle is that everything is the mind of God, after God becomes aware of itself a mind springs up into existence and the light/information begins to be expressed in this way.

The 3rd step that manifests after this is the love, immediately after knowing itself this little soul begins to love. Now it is interesting that Lumina states that the souls are shot out with much love in the first place, so the WILL, the choice itself is filled with love and everything else that is needed for the soul to start the grand journey. Everything that you need is always contained within you, everything that you will be and do is all already there in a timeless state within this little spark of God within you.

These steps are represented by the first 3 Elohim and their divine complements on the council. First there is Hercules/Amazonia representing the Will of God, then there is Apollo/Lumina representing the mind/light of God, and then there is Eros/Amora representing the Love of God. I will go into the others at a later stage, but what is important at the moment is to note that Hercules comes first! He always comes first in this creative process and makes the decision to take on a creative project for the Elohim council.

You can watch the YouTube session all about Hercules here. He made a lot of good points about where humanity have given away their power in regards to their choices. Here is an excerpt from that session about Hercules and all the Angel starseeds that have come to earth at this time:


Hercules is here today with me. He has come along to give his message and to be with me for the entirety of the session. So he is here today with me.


Beautiful. What is the message that he has for us?


This is a message about your inner self, your inner power. For too long, he says, humans have been giving away their power to forces outside of them. They give away their power with their spirituality and their religion. And it is time, he says, that they need to take it back. It is time that we take our own power regarding our spirituality into our own hands and remember that we are the ones that are leading this journey. There are no gurus. There are no ministers or priests or anything that you should listen to before yourself. It is about leading the self from the heart now. And this is how we are going to go on. This is how we are going to go forward with our lives, by listening to our inner selves and finding our inner power within us. He says in the past, humans have been very upset because of the trauma associated with Atlantis in abusing their inner power. He says that it's okay, it's time to let go of this now. It is time to take back that power. It is okay to let go of this and to bring in your inner power again.

It is time for this, and we would like to see humans to do this again, to let go of this trauma.


Beautiful. Thank you. Is there something that we can do for those people that are finding it hard to trust the inner guidance? Can we send them epiphanies of any sort or help them?


Yes, we can send them some healing and some codes. Hercules is sending some light codes for people. If you are going to imagine the light, it is very blue, like a deep, vivid blue. And imagine it's coming through the crown of your head and going into your body and the various aspects of your body through all the cells and all of the veins and all of the heart, this blue energy flows. And his twin flame is here. His twin flame is what would I say? The goddess of the Amazons. Amazonia, her name is. And so they are giving activations, giving out activations through this light ray for people to access. And they will give this for the entirety of the session.


Beautiful. Thank you. Is there anything else that Hercules wants us to know about him or about the message that he wants to give us today?


Well, he wants us to know that he is not like exactly how it is portrayed in the myths. He is more kind and gentle than how they portray him. And so he is so much more kind and gentle and to just know deep within your heart that you have inner strength, and this is his skill. Actually, it was not necessarily his outer strength that made him evolve into an elohim being. It was his inner strength. It was what was within him that helped him to evolve. And his twin flame, which is like my version of Apollo and me. This is like that type of thing. We are on the Council together, so he is the number one, and me and Apollo are number two. So he came before us in this sense, and he was always there for me and Apollo always there. So we have known each other for many, many universes, and I love him as well. He's very kind to me.


And what is Hercules' story?


Well, his true story, he has been incarnating on this Earth the entire time I have seen. He has been incarnating as it has been very difficult for him. So an aspect of his soul has been continuously incarnating as a starseed all of this time to help bring peace to the Earth. And he is very tired. He's looking for a break. It's been going on for very long. He has been tirelessly working from behind the scenes in helping humanity. I did not incarnate until this time, but he has been incarnating all of this time. He has been reincarnating again and again, his soul aspect, his soul fragment on the Earth. So he has been very brave. Very brave and seeding the light when nobody else was seeding it. And this was very lonely for him, very lonely. Sometimes he felt like he was giving up hope, but he continued on. I'm saying that sometimes he even wanted to commit suicide, but he continued on. Actually, he is very strong inside, but he's saying that humans are strong too, but they just don't know. He has seen the strength within humans, but also he has seen great evil.

He has seen both sides. He has seen all sides of humans, he is saying. But it is time to…. I'm seeing that it is like a star having many, many points. It is time to incorporate all the arms of the star, all of the beingnesses that you have been while on the Earth, and to incorporate them and rise up, to incorporate all the aspects of yourself and to rise up into a phoenix and be reborn on the new Earth or wherever you are going to. Because some people are becoming angels at this time. Some humans have become so evolved and so loving through this process that they are going to turn into angels. I'm just seeing it. My mother is one of these souls. My mother in my life, in my life as Elizabeth. She is one of these souls and she is going to turn into an archangel. So there are beings like this who have incarnated again and again and again. And they are rising up to incorporate all the aspects of their past self from this earth experience and rise up into an angelic being. They are going to at the end of this life ascend into becoming an angel.

And we are, we are singing, we are singing, singing beautiful songs to welcome these new angels into our extended angel family. They are coming up and being embraced by the angels, these ascended angel humans. Wow, I'm seeing they are so happy and they are rising up towards the angels and becoming angels. And the angels are crying with joy and it's very, very happy. A whole heap of angels just joining us. And we look on, the elohim look on and they smile. It's very beautiful. So I will continue on with my mother in this life. I will continue on helping her, guiding her, being a teacher for her in the angel ways beyond this life.


There are a lot of angels that have incarnated in this time the walk amongst us?


Yes, there are many who have done so even from different places in the universe. Some of the angelic beings from the Andromeda galaxy I am seeing, I have interacted with these and many beings who they will come to me for sessions and they will be attracted by my energy and they will be angels looking for help from other angels. We are part of family, so we will be looking for each other. And there is many and a lot of the time they don't have their full soul in the body because they are too evolved. And sometimes they are very lonely, sad because of what they are seeing. They have very, very big heart and sometimes when they see like animal dying, they are crying, they are crying out. They are very gentle but very strong. You have to remember that they are very strong and powerful, these beings, Angels are. I am going to use this session to activation for angels. Angels in human bodies. Angelseeds.

Click the link to watch the rest of the session, there were plenty of activations and important nuggets of information within this session, so if you feel called to step into your power and start to give a lot more weight to your choices this one is particularly important. Also the acknowledgment of Angelseeds/Angel starseeds made so much sense to me. Elohim starseeds are a part of this as well as part of the angelic realm, I've always felt drawn to this and had a very strange spontaneous out of body experience in 2012 where I was outside of my body viewing myself having these energetic wings.

Hercules and Amazonia can be called on at any time to assist especially if you want to know about taking back your power and to stop playing small in your life. They give their activations to anyone watching the video or reading this blog post ☀️

Please note I've made a new Instagram account @qeteshquantumhealing because the old one was sadly taken over, the account was h*cked and some unsavoury photos were posted to the story. I couldn't change my password and 2 factor authentication did not work, Instagram was not sending the codes to my phone despite it being able to do it before. And recieved no help from Instagram support, I quickly discovered as of 2023 they don't even have a phone number or email you cannot even contact them anymore. I'm really hoping that new social media platforms come into existence that are seeded in love, an angelic starseed client I had for a BQH session her higher self actually said these new ones were coming that were seeded in much better intentions than the old platforms. Very much looking forward to those!

I'm also glad to announce that I completed my Quantum Connect course and I'm now certified! These sessions go for one hour, require just 1 intention and are all about connecting you in with your higher self without hypnosis, free sessions are being offered until August, after that the QC sessions will be available on the website as a service you can book, if you are interested please email me at

I've already had many people give feedback to me that Quantum Connect was really helpful for them to discover how their higher self communicates with them through everyday life. So im really glad to be a part of it all.

Elizabeth 🌟

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