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QHHT & BQH what are the differences?

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

I’ve been receiving this question a lot lately while my QHHT student sessions are all booked out and I’ll be waiting to have it up on my website again by the end of this year. For now you can book a BQH session in person or online if that suits you because I’ve already been fully certified in the BQH but first I’ll explain what the differences are from my perspective.

QHHT (stands for quantum healing hypnosis technique and created by Dolores Cannon) is an IN PERSON ONLY modality, and this goes very deeply into the Theta state which is why it is conducted in person. These sessions are very deep, very long and transformative. On average the sessions can take longer and for me it required far more in depth training. I recommend having a QHHT session first just to get a good understanding of what this state is like, with subsequent sessions it’s a lot easier to connect in to that high level information and healing in my experience. Your first session will be a life changing experience, you can explore a number of things including past lives, future and parallel experiences and different parts of your beingness. There is no incorporating other modalities, it’s designed to be a complete system in itself.

BQH (stands for Beyond Quantum Healing, created by Candace craw Goldman that studied under Dolores. She received Dolores’ blessing to create this modality. It is in no way affiliated with QHHT but it’s own seperate modality)

These sessions can be conducted in person OR online, now from personal experience I strongly recommend that you have an IN PERSON SESSION FIRST!! (Whether that be QHHT or BQH or any form of past life regression, you will get the best experience if you have an in person session first). The reason for this is because the in person sessions I always notice the higher self allows the person to go in a deeper state of trance. I really like the in person BQH sessions, and in these you can incorporate some reiki beforehand that is allowed if it’s needed to relax the body. I’ve also used sound healing in a BQH session before and that was requested by the client, so you can request healing from other modalities alongside your quantum hypnosis.

Within BQH is the ability to do online sessions (after you have had an in person session, which is what I recommend) and once that connection is made you can go back and explore and heal from the comfort of your home. The higher self will never show you anything that you aren’t equipped to deal with online, and a good practitioner will have the exact same care and experience as an in person session and WILL NEVER get up and just end the session abruptly or cause you to not be relaxed in your session.

QHHT is also not to be done online and if you see someone doing online QHHT sessions please know it's not QHHT.

You can see all the QHHT and BQH sessions I’ve had done on myself on my YouTube channel @ luminaelohim and if you are interested in being featured please contact me 😊🫶 I’m currently looking for lyran starseed volunteers that resonate to do sessions on their ET Lyran humanoid lifetimes and their story.

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