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Higher Self Checks for BQH and Quantum Hypnosis


After having BQH and QHHT sessions on myself many times and facilitating many sessions I have been able to discern which is the wisdom coming from the higher self and which is likely NOT, but the ego or something else interjecting. Here’s a handy guide but it’s not absolute, just general pointers: ☀️

-The higher self will not say things such as “my logical mind would say….” That’s conscious mind

- In a similar vein there’s a sureness and absoluteness about its answers and will not usually say “I think….” Or “I believe….” Or “Maybe….”, anything that denotes that it’s the conscious mind in the front seat guessing the answers for the client. Anything that sounds unsure in its response with the wording, it’s likely you have not got the true higher self.

- The higher self will not be derogatory to the client but has a generally loving presence, it can use harsh language to make a point and do some hard truth telling but generally isn’t mean or derogatory, if it’s derogatory you usually have an entity that is taking control

- The higher self will resonate with the vibration of love, wisdom and wanting what is best for the client at the end of the day

- The higher self will never be unsure of the questions and healing that the client has written down, if it’s unsure you still have conscious mind interfering, IT ALWAYS KNOWS what they have written and if they can’t know something yet then it’ll explain that to you that it’s not in their highest good to know that yet. Everything has divine timing and it’s likely they’ll know later.

- Again if it’s cruel or nasty or just has a bad vibe or the client has pain trying to connect with that or something strange is happening it’s likely something that is not the higher self. Always read the energy of what is speaking through your client.

All of this is to ensure you get the answers and information for your client WITHOUT the rubbish in the way, and most importantly that the healing is done! There is a bit of strange and off information that is passed around from sessions without anyone actually checking if it’s coming from the highest place or not.

We have a responsibility to allow the highest level information and healing to come out for clients that we possibly can with our own skills, but If their conscious mind is too much in the way, that needs to be worked on until the true higher self can come out. Sometimes they’ll have to be told to come back later once they’ve done shadow work and clearing.

Sometimes it’s a long process over a couple of sessions until that person will actually let that information come through, and sometimes that will also involve clearing and healing the energetic body first. We can’t ride a high powered motorcycle before we are ready to take the training wheels off of our baby bikes.

Crown chakra and 3rd eye clearings and work on that over time as I’m observing this with my own work is the most beneficial for difficult cases. If they cannot see, if they cannot connect THEIR PIPE TO SOURCE IS CLOGGED! There’s crap in the way of the prana pole that is clogging up the entire energy stream in the body. So there’s no connection until the crap is cleared out.

For difficult clients, consider clearing the crap first.

Connection to above is the connection to higher knowing and this comes through the soul Star, crown and 3rd eye first and then travels down the body.

If the energetic body is in shambles, without a strong soul and psyche, there’s no way connection can be made, like you wouldn’t expect a person with organ failure to drive a car, we can’t expect the client to connect in either with that advanced part of themselves if they aren’t ready.

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