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How to Channel Safely

I am going to be making these tips and information free to all for all, due to importance of this information this should be given freely and shared. The more is known about this, the more that pure channeled messages can come through so please share this information with anyone who has started practicing mediumship and channeling.

HOW TO CHANNEL SAFELY, a very important message

This is a caution in the Spirit Releasement Therapy manual by William J Baldwin. Keep in mind this was published in the 1990s and still, correct channeling is not taught even though this holds true today. This is the reason why there’s so many strange messages about the galactic federation saving everybody and pulling them away in spaceships that never seem to eventuate.

I found this very interesting because what my higher self had said during a few BQH sessions, that I created a contract to not allow any beings in my body before incarnating due to this reason. I’ve seen this in action when something tried to come in it was booted out like an electric fence, and I spoke a language I have no recollection of.

As for advice on how channelers can remain pure with their message, the book says to use telepathy or “conscious channeling” instead of letting the being have access to your body. My higher self said you can write contracts where anyone who isn’t your intended being is booted out. But still sometimes it’s easier to just paraphrase what they are saying by using telepathy, you can paraphrase with automatic writing as well which is what I do.

Now, this is the disappointing part. My higher self stressed that a majority of these channeled messages aren’t from who they say they are. More than half out there in existence are false because it’s not being done correctly.

Because it’s essential to have an identity check of the being before they enter your body. You wouldn’t normally let a complete random stranger you never talked to before have sexual relations with you, nor should you let just anyone in your body. This is basic common sense that seems to have been forgotten about.

The identity check still needs to be conducted even with conscious channeling (telepathic method), you can also ask the beings you are working with to scramble the communications if it is compromised, that way you are aware there was an intrusion.

Scanning is performed by visualising shining your light on the being you are communicating with before beginning, you are scanning to see if their vibrational signature is a match to what you know. This takes practice, and you’ll learn to discern vibrational signatures by operating within the heart space.

Intending Is also something that can be done to consciously channel, before the communication intend for only your highest and brightest guides to be present and ask anyone who is not on your team to be removed. It’s important to remain very centred during this process. Visualise a tunnel of light beforehand like a telephone wire going straight to the being that you intend to talk to.

I have known personally of channellers that were very open, far too open and non discerning and as soon as they felt nervous, something else jumped in. They said it had invaded their brain. Another incident I can recall was when a whole bus load of entities were using a persons body and the results were ridiculous, there were lots of holes in the story that that the entities presented. These are just ones I’ve seen in my personal life, so as you can imagine I’m very discerning with the process now and don’t read messages from sources that I’m not sure if they practice conscious channeling and telepathy. If there’s a big (?) and it doesn’t resonate I just leave it.

If you recognise an entity that is foreign and trying to intrude on channelers, or just sense a channeled message that isn’t quite right please call on the guardians of light, angelic helpers, Jesus, archangel Michael or whoever resonates with you to come and pick it up and take it to where it needs to go once permission from their higher self is given. Or perform a clearing on the channeler with permission from their higher self.

I got the message in BQH sessions this is much needed work and archangel Michael and the team will be really glad to have been alerted to this. They are trying to deal with the imposter problem so that pure messages can come through.

As for pendulums, just cleanse them beforehand and make sure nothing else is in the house or in your body. Cleansing crystals doesn’t need to be under the moon, it’s far easier to use a tuning fork.

Tools such as tuning forks can also be used to eliminate any discordant energies from the body before beginning with your channeling. Crystal rods and wands can also be programmed for use in removing anything discordant in psychic surgery. The tools are amplifiers of directing these energies.

Always ground and make sure nothing remains afterwards, you can use a tuning fork or other method to clear the field.

Please share this message with any channelers you know, it’s imperative that you have some sort of procedure in place to discern the information. This is always necessary. As more information comes forth on strengthening and purifying mediumship abilities, I will share as needed.

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