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The sinking of Lemuria

Here's another fascinating excerpt from a BQH session. All information comes through hypnosis, take which resonates and leave the rest.

I've often seen this topic in other quantum hypnosis sessions as well, but this particular one is interesting because it talks about HAARP earthquake technology being used in the same way in modern times as they used it back in the days of Atlantis. "They" always say, time is cyclical, everything comes up to be revisited time and time again.



So when you say that the people from Atlantis, they sunk Lemuria?

Elohim soul:

Yes. This happened. They did this method that actually is used today. They did this method where I am seeing some underground they put submarine bombs, so little missiles, and then hit points underground. So they went underwater to do these they went underwater with a submarine type of…what we would call a submarine today. They went underwater with a submarine and then they hit certain points around the land mass, like geological activity points. So when they hit these points, they can make earthquakes, they can make tsunamis, they can bring continents under the sea. It just depends how many explosives they do. But they did many explosives for this one. So it brought the whole continent down. And the explosives were very powerful. They were electromagnetic. So they had this reverberating effect. So they had to get the submarines quickly out of the area after they did this and they did this, they actually brought this back in modern times, this method. They brought this method back and do you know the 2011 tsunami of Japan? They did this, they did this, they did this to Japan in modern times. It was the same principle of what they used back then. It was the same principle.


So man has come to invent it again or use it again?


It came back into the collective consciousness. Yes, it came back, this method.


And why did they want to sink Lemuria?


The people were not….they did not get what they wanted out of the people. They went there for many times and seen they went to different places many times in their vehicle, a spaceship type of thing, and then went to them and they didn't get what they want. They were prying, they didn't get what they want. So they decided, okay, well, we are going to do this the hard way now. You left us no choice. So they just sunk it. But actually these people were very smart to not give them the information and things that they wanted to know. Very sad, this one, but yes, this was how it happened. It was like a genocide of these people.


Did any of them survive? Did they swim anywhere?


You can't swim from this type of thing. Some of them left beforehand, I'm seeing, in boats and through other means, but the majority were just dead. The majority, maybe only a small percentage escaped using different means. It's like they were warned by their higher self to move away.


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